Polydome has opened the path towards new directions in food production. While most solutions for sustainable food production globally have focused on increased efficiency or adaptations of the current approach to industrial agriculture, Polydome has gone back to core principles in ecology and biology to arrive at a far more efficient, beneficial and powerful solution for industrialized food production. Using polycultures as its base, Polydome assembles existing knowledge and technology from around the globe to offer concrete, implementable and scalable food solutions for both urban and rural production, in climate zones from nordic land climates to temperate and desert settings.

Polydome builds a closed-loop system that offers the possibility of commercial scale, net-zero-impact food production. The polyculture system strategically interweaves a wide variety of crops and animals, taking advantage of every inch of the greenhouse. High yields – year round – are the result. All without the need of artificial inputs.

The Except foundation supports the development of Polydome since its inception in 2016 by maintaining its intellectual property and supporting its search for research and implementation funding.

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