The Except Integrated Sustainability Foundation was founded in 2014. It is a Dutch non-profit 'stichting', and registered in the Netherlands. The foundation supports developments that are fundamental for the future of human society, such as new ways to redevelop our cities, food supply, and circular industries. 

The foundation is small by design. The board of the foundation selects the projects to develop and minimizes overhead. The foundation has no office, no staff or inventory, and a minimum of running expenses.

The foundation's projects focus on funding systemic solutions, and supports to develop the tools, knowledge and networks required to accelerate society's transitions. In addition, the foundation supports the development and maintenance of a network of professionals that are dedicated to fundamental societal change, work together, learn and set up new projects.

The network of professionals is embodied in the Except Integrated Sustainability consultancy and development organization, which is a limited liability corporation without profit as a main motive. The Except consultancy maintains a full time support staff, collaboration offices, and around 30-50 full time professionals at any given time.


Except Integrated Sustainability Foundation
Stadhuisplein 15
3012 AR Rotterdam
The Netherlands
+31 10 7370215